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Since 1989, hs2i has formed a network of more than 300 translators, each working in their native language and their specialist field. A large number of these have been registered with us for more than twenty years.

Translations are provided for all language pairs from Western, Eastern and Northern Europe, as well as in all oriental and middle eastern language pairs.

All types of document are handled, mainly in the following areas: Technology, sales and marketing, information technology, tourism, finance, medicine, cosmetics, luxury products, patents, etc.

In the field of linguistics, hs2i has developed a linguistics software called Dixit which allows a significant reduction in the cost of translation while maintaining a strict approach to quality
The software is "client-oriented", helping to establish a completely transparent relationship with the customer in terms of the actual volumes to be translated.

The main features of Dixit are:
- no use of automatic translation,
- processes administered by professional translators,
- adherence to the format and presentation of the original documents, including PDF files,
- creation of individual glossaries for each customer, glossaries that are used to control terminology,
- reduction of translation costs and lead times, provided by the gains in productivity.

To obtain documentation on Dixit and the principle of translation cost reduction, please contact: info@hs2i.com
For a quotation, please contact: commercial@hs2i.com


Simultaneous interpretation

The interpreter speaks at the same time as the speaker and instantaneously translates the words of the speaker into a microphone. Listeners are equipped with headsets that allow them to choose the language and adjust the volume of reception. This usually involves the use of fixed or mobile technical booths.

Consecutive interpretation
The interpreter translates the remarks immediately after the speaker. The speaker leaves pauses during his delivery, in order to allow the interpreter to translate.

The interpreter translates for a group of not more than three people. The interpretation is simultaneous and is performed without equipment.

Guided visit
The interpreter accompanies a group of people during a trip. The translation may be simultaneous or consecutive. Transmitters and receivers may be used.

hs2i provides rental, installation and dismantling of all the equipment required for interpretation: booths, desks, sound controls, infrared transmitters and receivers, conference microphones, PA systems, etc.
A technician is always present throughout the duration of the service provided.



Transcription and editing services are applied to audio documents supplied by the customer in .mp3 or .wav format.

The sequence of speakers is determined by the VOCATIS software package from hs2i supplied to customers free of charge.

A functional document is obtained by applying one of the three levels of reproduction offered, depending on the type of event and the customer's needs:
Complete transcription:

This reflects the succession of speakers identified during the event. The document is cleansed of any unnecessary items or items that are inappropriate to a written text.
(Average format: 20 pages/hour ) Minutes: >
A chronological reproduction of the essential subjects discussed.
(Average format: 10 pages/hour ) Summary:
An overall presentation of the topic and the major ideas of the event.
(Average format: 5 pages/hour )