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Translating a website? C’est facile!

The webmaster
is chilled…

The webmaster inserts a flag on the home page.

The flag directs you to the home page for the language concerned.
The webmaster informs EASYWEB of the updates to the site and, unless EASYWEB is authorised to do this, proceeds to put the translated pages online.

…the translator

   The translator receives the Word
    documents that need completion.

   The WORD documents are pre-translated by
   the site’s translation memory.
   The translator only works on the new or modified
    text and returns the document to EASYWEB.

does the rest!

Open and transparent, EASYWEB automates all the processing phases.

EASYWEB is activated as soon as the translation request is received.
The process integrates text recognition, the relationship with the translator and the translation
memory, and page reconstruction.

how do you start?

By requesting a no-cost, no-commitment quotation.

EASYWEB is a simple and fast service that guarantees translation quality.
On each request, a quotation is provided,
tailored to the word or page count.
What’s more, EASYWEB is economical!